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Registration Guidelines

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Registration Guidelines

ACCES/West RAEN is dedicated to facilitating opportunities for your professional development in the most successful environment possible. The following information and suggestions will help you navigate registering for and attending our events, and will assure that you get the most out of the trainings.

           Please keep this information, as it is applicable for the entire academic year.

Workshop descriptions:
A basic overview of the workshop, the facilitator, the date and site, fee and registration deadline is listed for each workshop. We often get questions about the registration deadline, which has a very important purpose. The decision to hold a class or not is made based on the number of participants registered by that deadline. If youíve missed the deadline but are interested in the workshop, call us at 716-651-0560 and we can tell you if the class is a go, and if we are able to fit you in. Walk-ins are not allowed both because we do not provide extra materials for walk-ins, and because sites are chosen based on their capacity.

Guidelines for registering:
1. Register early to avoid disappointment! The majority of our workshops are filled to capacity.  Although we make every effort to reschedule trainings to accommodate waiting lists, this is not always possible. Similarly, if something interests you, sign up when you see it Ė donít assume it will be offered again. Unfortunately, the expenses involved in bringing many of our opportunities to you precludes them being repeated.
2. Fill out the registration form completely. We want to be able to reach you in the event that a workshop needs to be rescheduled, there is a site change, or we need to get pre-class materials to you. Fill out your name on the registration form as you would like it to appear on your Certificate of Completion. Use an email address and phone # that you can check evenings and weekends as well as during the week. Print clearly Ė if we canít read your name, it will undoubtedly be misspelled on the certificate. 
3. Each person must register individually.   A valid individual email address must accompany every registration.  You cannot register more than one person using the same email address.
4. Certificates will be issued to those who attend the entire workshop. Unfortunately, we are not able to give certificates or credit Professional Development hours to those who arrive late or leave early.
5. No-shows will not be allowed to attend any subsequent ACCES/West RAEN workshops for the remainder of the program year.  Call the ACCES/West RAEN Office at 716-651-0560 if you are unable to attend a workshop to avoid these consequences.
6. Refreshments are a courtesy which we enjoy offering you when we are able. However, refreshments are not available at every workshop.

Attending a Workshop:
1. Be on time! If a workshop is scheduled to begin at 9:00 am, arrive at 8:45 to give yourself time to get a cup of coffee, sign in, and get settled. Workshops begin on time. We cannot accommodate latecomers Ė you will not be allowed to disrupt the class with your late arrival.
2. Call the ACCES/West RAEN Office at 716-651-0560 if you are unable to attend a workshop youíve signed up for. Your spot can often be filled from our waiting list.
3. Dress in layers! Room temperatures in hotels and conference halls are difficult to regulate because one personís idea of warm is another personís idea of cold.
4. Avoid perfumes and colognes. This may sound silly, but several of our practitioners are dangerously allergic to these substances, and an overwhelming scent can jeopardize their respiration and force them to leave the room.


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